Algae inhibition effect of TWINSTAR




That’s why you need to use TWINSTAR to inhibit algae.


TWINSTAR inhibits green algae effectively without a harmful influence on aquarium ecological environment, and keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial propagation.

Sterilizing factor with microbubbles destroy cell wall of green algae to inhibit growth, and it is nontoxic so harmless to aerobic bacteria. Promoting aquatic plants growth by inhibition of green algae on plants, those plants can elevate absorption of excess nutrients to block nourishment of green algae growth. Therefore it makes Virtuous Cycle ecological environment.








Now, beginners can make beautiful and healthy planted aquarium.


Difference between beginner and pro aquarist.

We do a lot of hard work to inhibit green algae. We need to change water to remove excess nutrients at the beginning, sometimes we control the amount of light too. Then, when it’s not sufficient, we also put Yamato shrimp and dozens of fish eat Green algae. It might be difficult to put Yamato shrimp at the beginning when the plants didn’t put down their roots.

How to manage these trouble efficiently and effectively can tell the difference between beginner and pro aquarist. Also how to control excess nutrients in aquarium is the difference between beginner and pro aquarist, and consequently, that will be one of important factors to make aquarium beautiful and healthy.






Why algae occur in aquarium?

The causes of algae are unabsorbable excessive light, nourishment(nitrogen, phosphorus) from soil, carbon dioxide.

A green algae is preliminary of plants evolution process, it has a lot in common with aquatic plants. Because required elements in plants growth are similar to aquatic plants, a lot of algae will be generated particularly in planted aquarium.

From 10 days after setting up, algae will be visible to the naked eye and will be generated in 2 months intensively even in normal management. Generated algae not only take nourishment from surplus, but block out light to transmit to plants. It will have a really bad influence on plants growth.