A completely new method of sterilization, TWINSTAR helps secure the shrimp.

We all have experienced about one time when we lost our precious shrimps by invisible pathogens.
However there was no Medications or Sanitizer to kill pathogens for shrimps anywhere in the world.

TWINSTAR Shrimp was created to address these worries of breeders. TWINSTAR Shrimp is Equipped with a pathogen sterilization and biological stability which create the optimum environment for the shrimp. It is safe for use by anyone.


From virus to very different pathogens, Crustacean diseases are diversified.

There are many kinds of Crustacean pathogens such as Lagenidium and Halocrusticida, and also causes are in great variety.
TWINSTAR has confirmed the 99.9% efficiency of sterilization through quantitative assessment of 12 samples of pathogens.



Through the hundreds of times oftwinstar04_04 the stability test, thousands of users are using Twinstar with great satisfaction.

We installed the twinstar set on test tank under the same conditions to maintain more than six months to test Biological effects for a long period of time experiment.

The reason for this was to find the harmless condition for shrimp.

There are more than thousands of breeders worldwide still use the TwinStarshrimp. we do this such efforts because we know that the most stable condition is the best condition in shrimp tank.