Position of TWINSTAR Reactor


TWINSTAR Reactor’s position is the most important to keep its maximum efficiency, longer lifespan.

For Twinstar’s effective performance, Please install the Reactor below 10~15cm from the outflow in the aquarium.
Installing the Reactor in areas lacking water flow will cause reduction in performance, lifespan.

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How to clean TWINSTAR Reactor?


If your Reactor is con z taminated, using bleaching system(such as Clorox) make it clean.

This is the second way to increase lifespan period.
Please do not use brush when clean Reactor, metal coating can be damaged.


1. There is detritus on reactor’s surface from aquarium.


2. Mix 150ml of bleaching system(such as Clorox) with 150ml water.
3. Put reactor into the mixture.
4. After 30minutes, wash reactor in the running water. Please completely remove Clorox composition.


5. Re-install Reactor.

How to remove calcium deposits on Reactor mesh?

Ca+ with polarity may bond onto the surface of Reactor. Calcium may leach from the stone layout aquarium, or calcium concentration will increase in shrimp aquarium because shrimp feed contains calcium. In this way, the calcium concentration of water will increase. As a result, calcium will be absorbed onto the surface of the Reactor. There are also other factors that can cause calcium deposits to form.

Please use the following way to remove them.


Add a packet of TWINSTAR Cleaner into a cup filled with boiling water. Once the Cleaner has been dissolved completely, soak the TWINSTAR Reactor into the cup and wait until the calcium is completely removed. Discard the solution.