Check the components of TWINSTAR first.


If you install TWINSTAR in a new set-up planted aquarium.



Dense planting is essential to make fancy and healthy aquarium. If dust occurred while setting, it should be removed by changing of water or draining. Follow the guidelines from soil manufacturer for changing of water.

At the initial stage, algae spore begins to germinate from the third day by rich nutrition from soil and it will be visible to the naked eye from the 10th day from set-up. In order to inhibit green algae from the beginning of germination, it is recommended to install TWINSTAR in Setting + 5 days or by 10 days at the latest.

TWINSTAR’s algae inhibition effect is over 90%, but adding biomolecules is recommended in order to remove completely tiny algae. Biomolecules input helps even beginner aquarists can make perfect planted aquarium without green algae


If you want to install TWINSTAR in your existing aquarium.

Please remove the green algae completely, and change more than 30% of the water.


Remove algae around soil completely as well as visible green algae. If it’s more than 1.5 months after setting, then you need to clean a filter too.

If there are not biomolecules to eat algae,please input them according to the aquarium capacity.

Aquarium capacity / Size


Additional biomolecules

Capacity : 90~120L

Capacity : 180 ~ 200L



2 Yamato shrimps, 2 Siameses

3 Yamato shrimps, 3 Siameses