Twinstar Iberica proudly presents the biggest innovation in the aquascaping world, the range of Twinstar products.



No more undesired green algae!

Whether you are a beginner in fresh water aquariums or even an aquascaping longtime lover you will now have the chance of stop worrying with the undesired consequences that algae cause to your tank’s glass and interior. Install TWINSTAR and you will be simultaneously stopping the algae from appearing and promoting the healthy growth of your plants. Now you can relax, enjoy your little piece of nature free of algae and, more than ever, with crystalline water.


Provide health for your fish!

This amazing product also guaranties the end of harmful bacteria to the fauna, without any negative effect on the nitrifying bacteria, essential to the balance of your aquarium’s ecosystem.

Twinstar was subjected to meticulous laboratory tests so that it can arrive at your house in all its splendor!